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Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before handing over your keys. We’ve tried to make them short and as easy to read and understand as possible. They apply only to direct bookings, not where a booking is made through a third party which has sub-contracted its obligations to us or which acts as our agent.

1. Your rights and responsibilities:

Please refer to the email you receive from us acknowledging your booking for details of collection and delivery procedures. It is important that you follow these closely. If in doubt call 01925-754228 for assistance.  Make sure your vehicle is in a roadworthy, safe and legal condition with full insurance, road tax and MOT (where applicable).

Check and sign our booking confirmation form and hand over your vehicle keys.

2. Our rights and responsibilities:

a) We will take all reasonable care of your vehicle for the period you have booked and paid for, starting from when you give us your keys.

b) If you park for longer than the period you have booked for, we will charge you for the extra days at the full daily price that applies at the time and if you have not claimed your vehicle within a reasonable time after the end of your booked period or contacted us to agree a new arrangement we can regard your vehicle as having been abandoned. We may then plan for its disposal to cover our costs (but we will take reasonable steps to contact you before doing so) in accordance with the Torts (Interference with Goods) Act 1977. There are no refunds for early returns.

c) We may retain your vehicle until you have paid the full amount due (including valeting charges).

Although we will generally keep your car at the same secure compound for the duration of the booking period, we may move vehicles if we need to and reserve the right to move vehicles to our overflow car parks elsewhere in the vicinity. All our drivers are fully insured against any damage which may be caused to your vehicle on the public highway, subject to the exceptions referred to in paragraph 3 below. Whilst your vehicle is in any of our compounds however, then unless we accept liability for any loss or damage in accordance with paragraph 3 below, you must rely on your own vehicle insurance policy.

3. We are not responsible for the following;

a) Insurance cover for you, your vehicle, or its contents, except for your vehicle when being driven by our drivers on the public highway.

b) Damage to your vehicle, including windscreens, wing mirrors, aerials, punctures, wheel scuffs, chip marks, minor scratches and dents, mechanical or electrical failure, or events beyond our control, or any loss or theft of or damage to the vehicle’s contents unless such damage loss or theft arises as a result of our negligence or our failure to take reasonable care of your vehicle. Note the additional provisions below concerning valeting.

c) Damage to your vehicle caused by other patrons using the hotel car parks. Both ourselves and the hotel can bot be held responsible for this

d) Matters that are covered by your car, holiday, household, motor or any other more specific insurance. You must look to that cover for protection in the first instance.

e) The direct or indirect consequences of force majeure, terrorism, catastrophe, adverse weather, industrial action, cancellation of flights, loss of baggage, traffic conditions, vandalism, failure of third parties to comply with their obligations to you (whether contractual statutory or otherwise) or criminal activity of any description.

f) Any natural deterioration in the vehicle’s condition while it is with us.

Property left unattended in your vehicle, on our site or in courtesy vehicles and trailers. Any consequential (indirect) losses including but not limited to the cost of car hire hotels meals or other expenses incurred by you. Delays due to wrong information on the booking form. Despite the above, we will always accept liability for death or injury caused by our negligence.

If we are negligent or otherwise in breach of our obligations to you then our liability will extend only to the loss or damage which flows directly from that negligence or breach and which is a reasonably foreseeable consequence of it.

If we accept liability for damage to your vehicle then we may require that the repairs are undertaken by our own contractors or by contractors approved by us. We may elect to provide you with a courtesy car while those repairs are undertaken. Under no circumstances will we accept liability for the cost of repairs undertaken by third parties, or for the cost of car hire arranged by them or by you, without our prior written approval. All complaints MUST be made before leaving the collection point. Any complaints raised after this will not be considered whatsoever.

Should you book a Van in through the Car option, your booking will be automatically cancelled and no refund given. The drop off location will be informed and you will not be able to leave your vehicle.

The limitations set out above do not affect your rights and remedies in the event of any loss or damage caused to your vehicle by the deliberate act or omission of any member of our staff.

4. Prices

We do adjust our prices from time to time. We recommend you visit our web site for the most up-to-date prices. All prices include VAT at the current rate.

5. Cancellation Prior to Drop Off

Under the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013, you have 14 days to cancel your booking, starting from the day after we confirm it. If you cancel within that period you will be refunded all charges that you have paid to us unless you cancel after the booking period begins (i.e. at any time after the pre-booked arrival time or (in relation to some “meet and greet” services) after we dispatch our driver to come and collect your vehicle from you, if sooner) in which case you will remain liable for our charges for each day or part day from then up to and including the date when cancellation takes effect. We will still accept cancellations after the

Expiry of this 14-day period, provided at least 48 hours’ notice is given, but a £25.00 administration charge may then be levied and deducted from the refunded amount. Bookings cancelled after expiry of the 14-day period and less than 48 hours before the booking period begins will be charged in full. Cancellations should be made, preferably by email to bookings@cpp.live. Cancellation notices must include your full name, booking reference and the start date and time of the booking you wish to cancel. They are only valid once received by us and take effect on the date of receipt.

6. Restricted vehicles

We do not accept non-standard sized vehicles such as mobile homes, lorries, military or commercial vehicles, caravans and trailers. Additional charges will apply to all vehicles which do not fit in a standard size parking bay. Please contact us in advance for details.

We regret that we may not be able to accept vehicles which have been specially adapted to meet the needs of disabled users. Please contact us in advance to check this if you are in any doubt.

7. CPP Valeting services

The following (additional) terms and conditions apply when you book / use our valeting services.

a) Cars are accepted for valeting subject to availability of the service. If for any reason we are unable to (or fail) to valet your car then your sole remedy shall be to a full refund or rebate of any monies paid or agreed to be paid by you for such service.

b) Our current prices are listed on our service menu, a copy of which was shown or provided to you at the time of booking. Our determination of the size category of your vehicle regarding the price list shall be final and binding.

Although we will always apply the prices current at the time of booking, we reserve the right to change pricing generally without prior notice.

c) Unless paid for in advance, payment is due when we return your vehicle to you. Please note the provisions of paragraph 2c).

d) You must disclose to us all defects, damage, or weakness in your vehicle, known or suspected by you, which may be affected by the services prior to our commencing the cleaning process. We will use a pressure washer to clean your vehicle. Pressure washers remove dirt, grit AND LOOSE OR DAMAGED PAINTWORK. If your vehicle’s paintwork is compromised in any way, not to the manufacturer’s specification, stone chipped, cracked, crazed, damaged or substandard, pressure washing may make it worse. Decals may be lifted. We do not accept any liability for damage caused by pressure washing.

e) We will clean round any child seats and booster seats unless you remove them. If you do so then they must be refitted by you. We will not be able to remove or refit seats under any circumstances.

Rights and Responsibilities between Car Park People Park Stay and Fly Limited and Yourselves

  • You will be required to pay the correct fee for the vehicle booked. Should you make any error in the booking once paid, you will be required to update this with 24 hours of booking. Failure to do so will result in your reservation being cancelled without refund.
  • Should the vehicle be accepted without additional payments made then we may retain the vehicle until payment is made. This may incur additional fees starting from £25 not inclusive of any balance owing.
  • We will make reasonable attempts to contact you to advise you of any errors.
  • Van bookings also covers motorhomes, construction/commercial vehicles, military, lorry’s, and all oversized motor vehicles.
  • Caravans and/or Trailers are not accepted.
  • You are required to enter your vehicle registration at the drop off point in to their ANPR Camera system.
  • You are solely responsible for entering this registration correctly. Any Parking Charge Notices issued will not be dealt with by us or the drop off/collection location. Should you fail to record your vehicle details, you may be subject to a cancellation fee payable directly to the the drop off/collection location starting at £25
  • You are only required to leave the key/fob, and any associated keys required to move the vehicle and one ringlet attached to the key. Any additional keys including House Keys or other keys, Key Rings, personal or otherwise will be removed. The company accept no responsibility or liability whatsoever for any keys or key rings missing/not returned upon your collection.
  • The Company will remove your vehicle to a long-term parking area situated approximately 15 miles from the hotel. Please ensure there is enough fuel in for the round trip of 30 miles. There may be occasions where this 30-mile round trip is exceeded due to roadworks/road closures/diversions. The Company Will Endeavour to inform the hotel of these situations wherever possible.
  • All vehicles are left entirely at the owner’s risk.
  • Vehicle settings may be altered for the driver’s safety.
  • No liability whatsoever can be accepted for any natural airborne debris found/left on the vehicle at any time, on the exterior or interior of the vehicle. The Company are under no obligation to clean any car upon collection or return for any natural airborne debris unless this has been caused by its proven negligence or wilful default of it sub-contractors (if any). If proven negligence, the maximum compensation will be limited to £10 per claim.
  • The Company shall not be held responsible for any financial loss or consequential loss as a result of this arrangement.
  • You are required to complete and print a registration document providing details of your vehicle and you must provide all necessary keys, car codes or any other requirements to access and start the vehicle to the drop off/collection location. The Company will photograph your vehicle before its removed from the drop off/collection location and as it is returned to the drop off/collection location.
  • Your car will be parked by The Company, or its sub-contractors (if any), in a secure facility which will compromise of ground level parking surrounded by CCTV and secured fencing, manned sites 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • The Company would be unable to remove your vehicle in the event of the following: Flat Battery, Flat/Under Inflated Tyre, No Immobiliser Code Supplied to the drop off/collection location, insufficient Fuel, Engine Management Light illuminated, insufficient battery charge, no insurance, valid tax/MOT, or any perceived maintenance problem which may cause the car to be deemed unfit to be driven.
  • The Company will not remove any electric vehicle should it be left on charge at the point of our collection. The car keys/starter will be returned to the hotel where you will be liable for the nightly rate. The Company will also not put any electric vehicle on charge either before removal, whilst in our care, or upon its return. This is solely the responsibility of the owner to ensure that sufficient charge is on the vehicle to cover the period required for parking, and your collection to return to your final destination. Should the battery power deteriorate during the duration of parking, the Company accepts no responsibility or liability for this whatsoever.
  • All cars are subject to DVLA check prior to removal. Any cars not moved due to a failed check will be charged the nightly rate.
  • In the event that your vehicle cannot be moved by The Company from the drop off location or The Company’s Sites, then your car will remain in-situ until you return where you will be responsible for recovery and liable for all associated costs incurred therein, including costs incurred by The Company.
  • Should your vehicle become unroadworthy at any point during the transfer of your vehicle from and to drop off/collection location and/or The Company’s sites, we accept no responsibility or liability for any costs incurred as a result. The Company may attempt to inflate any tyres/replace with a space saver/spare wherever possible but accept no responsibility or liability for damage to any tyre(s) however caused. Should the vehicle need to be recovered, then this will be returned to the drop off/collection location in order for you to collect your vehicle. Any Associated receipts and documents associated with recovery of a vehicle will be provided by you, and all costs associated will be covered by you with a minimum charge of £395 + VAT. In the event that the drop off/collection location incur any charges in respect of your vehicle you agree to indemnify the drop off/collection location for any charges related to, without limitation, maintenance, recovery, or removal of the vehicle.
  • Should The Company experience any problems starting your vehicle whilst in our care, we will Endeavour to start and return the vehicle to the drop off/collection location. The Car Park People will use industry recognised power starter for low/flat batteries. In the event the vehicle fails to start, The Company will have the vehicle recovered back to the drop off/collection location for your collection, and all recovery charges will be payable upon your arrival at the drop off/collection location.
  • The Company have fully comprehensive insurance in place in respect of our transfer of your vehicle from the drop off/collection location to the company’s sites as per normal airport car parking insurance terms. Your vehicle is not covered by The Company for: The period parked at The Company’s sites, or whilst your vehicle is parked at the drop off/collection location, either before collection, during or after delivery. We do not insure any vehicle for windscreen/glass, tyres, wheels, trims, alloys, mechanical breakdown etc however caused on our collection, collection transfer, during our care, upon return transfer or whilst parked at the drop off/collection location once returned, including prior to photographing. Public liability, consequential loss, maintenance, loss of money or loss or damage to personal belongings. Therefore, it is imperative that you have valid fully comprehensive insurance in place to cover your vehicle for the above and well as theft, fire etc, in accordance with normal insurance terms.
  • All personal belongings should be removed from the vehicle, this includes any clothing/bags/monies/personal data. This list is not exhaustive. The Company accept no responsibility or liability for any items left in vehicles reported missing at any time, and any claims made will not be considered by The Company.
  • Should the vehicle need recovery back to the collection point, then the minimum fees apply and must be paid before handing over the keys back to you. £250+VAT for Petrol and Diesel vehicles, along with any associated charges for the vehicle being onsite at the collection point. £350+VAT for all Electric vehicles, along with any associated charges for the vehicle being onsite at the collection point. Electric vehicles require HIAB recovery which has an additional charge.
  • Should the vehicle be requested by you to be returned earlier than booked, we require a minimum of 48 hours’ notice. Should any request be made less than 48 hours will be subject to an additional fee of £75 payable upon collection. Please call 07917 352585 and leave a message. Complaints must be raised prior to you leaving the collection point by email with date and time stamped photography. Any complaints raised after this time will not be considered and rendered null and void.

Our rights and responsibilities

  • We reserve the right to retain your vehicle should there be any outstanding fees owing to us.

These terms and conditions are frequently reviewed and updated. The terms and conditions noted at the time of any claim will be the terms and conditions used. These terms will supersede any terms and conditions provided in error.

Copyright 2024 Car Park People Limited.

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